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Telephone Systems

A perfect, beautiful, luxurious home is never complete without communication. Whether your lifestyle calls for style or high tech, we have a perfect system for your discerning BeoCom 2pallet.

Never worry about a dropped call again. Our certified programmers connect and set up your phones for ease of use. Before you know it your system becomes your central message center. No matter where you are in the home, with our advanced phone systems you can intercom between rooms hassle free. Keeping in touch was never so easy.

Computer Networking

Control = Intelligence.

One touch and your entire home is under your command. With hardwired and wireless high speed communication, you have endless possibilities.

Lifestyle Electronics offers multiple solutions to control all automation in your home. No matter if you are sitting in your living room or flying across the country for a business trip, you can sit back and relax. From your laptop you can access your thermostat, patrol your security cameras, open and close your garage doors, and watch and listen to all the movies and music you have on your movie server.

No matter what your lifestyle calls for, our experts guarantee a perfect fit.